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Next Plus

Smart Scan_Energy Saving
The Smart Scan detects user activity to control temperature settings and to perform power-saving operations. When the user is absent, energy waste is reduced by automatically switching to Wind Blow Mode.

Smart Scan_Comfortable Airflow
Comfortable airflow is provided by selecting either Direct Airflow and Indirect Airflow.

Energy Display
A display on indoor unit shows current and accumulate energy consumption with just pushing a button on remote controller to help user reduce energy. Save energy with checking out energy consumption level on the remote controller.


Inverter V Technology
LG's revolutionary inverter technology offers powerful yet silent performance while also greatly lowering energy consumption by as much as 60%.


Gold Fin™
The Gold Fin™ prevents the surface of the heat exchanger from corrosion and wear. Gold Fin™ is an anti corrosion coating on the surface of the heat exchanger.
This ensures that the surface is more resistant to corrosion and enhances the durability of heat exchanger for a much longer period.


Plasmaster™ Ionizer Plus
Plasmaster™ Ionizer Plus generates over 3 million ions to sterilize and deodorize. It  protects you from unpleasant odors and harmful substances in the air.


MULTI Protection Filter Powered by 3M Tech
The advanced technologies of 3M & LG remove harmful micro-particles including viruses, bacteria and allergens to provide a safer, healthier environment.


Dual Protection Filter
The Dual Protection Filter captures dust size over 10㎛ and bacteria.


Plasmaster™ Auto Cleaning
The interior of the air conditioner is maintained by drying off the heat exchanger, then sterilzing the interior once more with Plasmaster™ ions to eliminate unwanted
mold and odors.


15M Windblast
LG air conditioners distribute cool air fast, reaching every corner of the room with the powerful 15M Windblast feature that directs air across an area up to 15 meters, providing cool conditions for larger rooms.


4-way Swing
4-way swing is able to control air currents according to the environment, achieving optimal distribution of cool air to the living areas and enabling unbelievably quick cooling speeds.


Jet Cool
The optimized design of the air outlet provides more powerful airflow, which cools the room quickly.


Deep Sleep Mode
The deep sleep mode will increase the temperature by a degree every 30 minutes, and eventually by 2 degrees per hour to create a more comfortable and sound sleeping atmosphere.


Stylish Design
The design of LG air conditioners are stylish in a way that is incomparable to others. Think of it not just as an air conditioner, but an elegant objet that will lighten up
your living room.


Quick & Easy Installation
LG air conditioners are designed for easier and more efficient installation, regardless of the surroundings and the number of persons involved in the installation process.
By reducing the manpower and time required for installation, it is now possible to install more air conditioners at more homes in a shorter period of time.